About Us

We’ve been manufacturing soft goods in Oregon since 1986. We’re a family-owned business and when we aren’t arguing we love what we do.

Our standard products and services have evolved to focus on aftermarket parts and repair services for the windsports of kiteboarding and foil surfing. We’re proud to have invented several repair products that are now standard throughout the industry.

Our main offices and manufacturing are located in Hood River, Oregon. We have an affiliate repair location in Rio de Janeiro. In Holland, we have a licensed assembler providing bladders and replacement valves to the European market.

We use our manufacturing and design skills to support many other industries as well. We've designed and prototyped inflatable rooftop tents, kite blimps to fly telecommunication equipment when infrastructure is down, inflatable battens and float bags for champion America’s Cup boats, specialty medical device bags, custom valves, inflatable antenna towers, and lightweight inflatable structures that inhibit RF waves so government agents don’t leak sensitive data.

When you buy a product from us or use our services, you’re dealing with a small company that cares. We understand how things are built, we want to help you solve problems, and we take pride in building things ourselves.



Brogan Houtz - circa 2000 (Co-onwer and the reason we got excited about kites in the first place)

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