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Shipping and Returns

Will my order ship the same day I place it?

Well that depends on if we are here, or on the water, when you place it. Just kidding! We have purposely hired a guy who doesn’t kite to take and ship orders for you. Not easy finding him here in Hood River, but we googled “local hydrophobiacs” and his name came up.

Here's how things move around here....

  • We ship Mon-Fri but if it's a national holiday we'll probably use it as an excuse to shut down shipping and go kiting.
  • Brand specific pre-assembled bladders have a 1-2 business day lead time for shipping (we custom build each bladder to manufacturer specs after receiving your order).
  • Some days we are just swamped, particularly in the summer, and can’t get all the orders out. If that is the case, your order will usually go out the following day.
  • Our hydrophobiac employee has taken the day off and the winds are good here.

When shipping to Canada (and other exotic foreign lands) can you change the value of the contents so they’ll reduce the amount of duty I have to pay?

We understand that duties, brokerage fees, etc can be quite expensive and that many have had to sell a kidney on eBay just to pay for them. We also know that these fees can in effect, double the cost of the item you have purchased and can cause severe chest pains in those not expecting them. However, it is AIRTIME kite’s policy not to alter values on any customs paperwork.

Here are a couple of suggestions though that may be helpful:

  • You could check with one of our dealers in Canada to see if they have the product(s) you are looking for. Sorry, we don't have a fancy list for you (yet).
  • From the feedback we get from our customers in Canada, you pay alot less in customs type fees when shipping USPS International Mail instead of UPS Standard. The benefit of UPS is better tracking and package location services if a package is lost. We rarely have a problem with USPS, but when we do, we find that their follow-up service in that area is lacking.

UPS Ground transit times (according to UPS)

All product ships from our manufacturing facility in Oregon.

US Postal Service Priority transit times (according to

All product ships from our manufacturing facility in Oregon.

Returns Policy

Please contact us for authorization and instructions for all returns, refunds, or exchanges. Call us toll free at 888.386.3910 Mon-Fri 8a-5p PST or email us. If you jump the gun and send something back with no contact info or explanation it'll end up in a corner or under a desk where it may be lost forever (don't take that chance).

  • If you return a perfectly good assembled bladder (as in you didn't open or install it) there's a re-stocking fee of 25% (remember, we built it just for you when you ordered it).
  • All standard product returned in "resalable condition" will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.