We try our hardest to give you a quality product that is easy to use. But bladders themselves are hard to work with and can be damaged (even by people who've installed thousands). If you have a problem we want to work with you. Part of us working with you is figuring out what went wrong so we can avoid a repeat (be it a flaw in the product or an error on your part).

We ask that you give us a call before tearing us apart on a forum. You can reach Stacey (our bladder install / warranty specialist) at 888.386.3910 x705. She'll want to know what went wrong. If she thinks it was damaged due to user error she'll want to educate you to prevent a repeat. If she thinks the product is defective she'll want to understand exactly what failed so she can walk back to production and kick someone in the shins. It is in your best interest to work with her (saying you've installed thousands yourself and that the product is garbage and providing no useful details will just make the whole process more difficult). She knows her stuff and is really nice, especially if you are.

If we deem the product to be defective we'll replace it immediately, no argument no problem, we'll even cover shipping. We normally repair product damaged by user error for free and ask you to pay the shipping, If it isn't repairable we sometimes even replace it as a courtesy. We decide on a case to case basis, our main concern is getting you back outside under your kite.

Every case is different and people with a good attitude always get the best service.

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