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New SPRINT connector design - released 2017

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Cabrinha SPRINT connection valve (1st Gen)

Don't freak out just because we say your valve has been discontinued. This is the valve you want to connect the leading edge to struts on all of Cabrinha's SPRINT system equipped kites. OEM valve in a 4" 'peel and stick' base. Read below for details and click through the pictures.

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You're here because you want a valve for your older Cabrinha kite. Don't worry, we've got what you need, it just might not look exactly like the one you're replacing. Cabrinha redesigned the SPRINT connector in 2017. We now only offer Cabrinha's upgraded SPRINT valve. The new valve is backwards compatible so it will work fine in any SPRINT equipped kite and it will work with your OEM hardware. The only part that isn't used is the ring that secured the hose to the valve (it never really locked down that great anyway). Cabrinha's new design has a deep zip tie groove to really hold the hoses on well. We will send a zip tie with the valve so you have just what you need when you're hooking your bladders back up. Click here to purchase the valve.

Please look at the images to see the OEM hardware from previous years on the latest version of the SPRINT connector valve. If you're looking for an assembled bladder built to spec with OEM valves please check out our selection of assembled bladders for Cabrinha kites.

Manufacturer AIRTIME kite

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