Naish Octopus (male)

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The male Naish Octopus valve used on the leading edge bladders of Octopus equipped Naish kites.

The male Naish Octopus valve used to connect the leading edge to the struts. These valves are only found on the l.e. bladders of Naish kites. OEM valve for exact fit.

Valve is on a 4" peel and stick base. Quickly replace faulty kite valves or assemble new replacement bladders for your kite.

We don't sell the female valve as 'peel and stick' because you're going to hate life trying to use it. The tall part of the valve goes into the strut bladder it doesn't sit on top. So the adhesive would have to be on the top of the valve base. If you have a bad Octopus strut bladder it's so much better to just buy the bladder complete. You can find complete Octopus bladders by clicking here.

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